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Osterville MA
Hydrangea Gallery, Osterville, MA

Immerse Yourself in Whimsy and Beauty:

Hydrangea Gallery & Gifts on Cape Cod

Step into a haven of creativity and thoughtful treasures at Hydrangea Gallery & Gifts. Imagine a space bathed in calming hydrangea hues, where curated art and handcrafted gifts inspire and delight. That's the essence of who we are.

Born from a Love of Hydrangeas

Our story began with the incredible beauty of the hydrangea. Our owner, Jeanne O'Neil, a talented artist, found

herself drawn to this magnificent flower in her work. Jeanne's hydrangea paintings resonated deeply with our

customers. They were captivated by the vibrant colors, the delicate details, and the overall sense of serenity

these pieces evoked.

Fueled by this connection with our community, Hydrangea Gallery & Gifts was born. More than just a gallery,

it's a place where people can connect with art that speaks to them. We frequently hear stories about

cherished hydrangeas, passed down through generations, or tales of backyards bursting with these

colorful blooms. Our customers love sharing their tips for growing these beauties, creating a space
for shared knowledge and appreciation for the natural world.

More Than Just a Shop, It's an Experience

We're not just another store; we're a destination for the curious and the kind-hearted. Wander through our gallery and discover a vibrant collection of art from talented local and regional artists. We believe in fostering creative expression by supporting inspirational vision and encouraging unique artistic style.

A Treasure Trove for Every Taste

Whether you're seeking a unique conversation starter or a heartfelt gift, we have something for everyone. Browse our shelves overflowing with captivating books, exquisite jewelry, and whimsical fused and hand-blown glass. Light a sparkling candle and let its fragrance fill your home with warmth. Marvel at the delicate details of our painted seashells, each a miniature work of art. Admire the artistry of our paintings, photographs and prints, waiting to grace your walls.

A Gallery with a Heart

Hydrangea Gallery & Gifts is deeply committed to giving back. We regularly donate art to select non-profits and a portion of our proceeds goes towards supporting various charities we hold dear. By shopping with us, you not only acquire something special, but you also support the local community and contribute to a good cause.

A Touch of the Owner's Magic

We're particularly proud to showcase the work of our very own talented artist, Jeanne O'Neil, the owner of Hydrangea
Gallery & Gifts. Her charming work is infused with her distinct vision and artistry.

Your Invitation to Relax and Recharge

We invite you to step away from the everyday and lose yourself in the calming ambiance of Hydrangea Gallery & Gifts. Let the cool, elegant, and sophisticated atmosphere wash over you as you browse or simply relax and soak up the beauty around you. Our welcoming space is perfect for spending time with loved ones, enjoying a solo exploration, or finding a thoughtful gift.

Come visit us today and discover a world of inspiration, artistry, and the joy of giving.

Local Organizations Supported:

Tommy's Place
Heritage Museum & Gardens
My Fishing Cape Cod


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